5 things Christians should stop saying

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Beyond the Surface

Late Tuesday evening, an explosion is heard in your neighborhood. You run outside to see what happened. Other neighbors are exiting their houses in various states of shock and confusion. You join the crowd walking/running towards the noise. Just around the corner, you see the house, or rather what’s left of it. Your heart breaks. It is your close friend’s house and so far your friend is nowhere to be found. You decide to search the remains to find your friend. Indeed, you find him, underneath a fallen bed post. He’s covered in ash and dirt. You lift the post and see his shattered leg and have to swallow the urge to scream. He is conscious. You start shouting to your neighbors. “Help! Come help! He’s alive! But he’s hurting!” They come over. A woman looks at him as he writhes silently in pain. She reaches in her purse, you…

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Choices (Pt 1)


Sometimes, it’s hard to continually be loving.

Sometimes, it’s easier to continue being angry at a loved one (or anyone, really) rather than to forgive them.

Forgive and forget’ – DEFINITELY easier said than done.

Forgiving isn’t easy. Forgetting isn’t easy. Especially when that person has hurt you more than you could ever imagine. But you have a choice. We are given free-will for a reason, and with that free-will we make CHOICES.

The easy road – keep a grudge.

The hard road – let go of that grudge.

I find that, no matter what happens, no matter what others have said to you out of spite and malice, no matter what you’re going through, it is a choice we have to make, day in, day out, to love the unloveable, to bring peace to those struggling with their personal demons, and to ultimately, bring life to their barren wastelands.

‘It’s not complicated. Just love the one in front of you.’

– Heidi Baker

When the world crashes down around you, when it feels like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, and your safe haven is smashed to smithereens by the cares of the world, it is easy to rail against humanity, the world, and everything in it.

Despite all of this, you always have a choice.

When I was going through the deepest, darkest times in my life, I realised this is the choice I have to make – to turn to the world and everything it offers (drugs, sex, alcohol, food bingeing, etc) to numb my soul and lessen the pain, or I could turn to and find comfort in the One who never leaves or forsakes me, knowing that my faith in God and His loving nature will help me through the painful process of letting go, forgiving and forgetting. No one can make me choose one or the other – it is entirely up to me and me alone.

The choice is yours and yours alone.  

I cry out to God in my darkest moments – when my soul has been poisoned by things others have said, when I don’t know who I can trust, when I get severe bouts of insecurity, when I feel worthless – He has always answered in my time of need.

Most of the time, it was through others – my friends, family, a random person on the street somewhere. Their arms were always open to me, and their minds were usually a lot clearer and less muddied than mine, and they could usually see the bigger picture when my own eyes were blinded by grief and anger. Sure, what they had to say wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but it was most of the time what I NEEDED to hear. And it was painful. Gosh, it was painful indeed. But looking back, I realised that without those friends and companions by my side, keeping me accountable and loving on me when I didn’t love myself, I would’ve gone to the dark side of humanity a long time ago.

Friends, you have a choice to make every day from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep – you can choose to love, or to not love. You can choose to let love compel you, or to reject love. You can choose to fall for the vices of the world and let them consume you till there’s nothing left, or you can let God do His thing in you. You choose whether to forgive and forget, or to hold onto the things that will eventually cause your downfall in life, love, work, relationships, etc.

You choose life, or you choose death, in every sense of the word.

I chose life, what about you?

D xo