Choices (Pt 2)

Choices (Pt 2)

Choices. Choices. Choices.

We choose whether to respond to our alarm (snooze or stop).
We choose whether to get out of our beds or to sleep-in.
We choose our outfits in the morning for a day out (although it is harder for us ladies compared to the male kind).
We choose what we’re going to eat when we’re out and about.
We choose locations and times (this is what schedules are for).


All of these seem so normal and easy for us (and that’s just grazing the tip of the iceberg!), but yet we struggle to choose between:

// Being secure in our looks and personality, or being insecure or choosing to let others define the way we see ourselves// Helping someone who has injured themselves on the road, or ignoring that person because we’re already running late to work or school// Our past and/or present experiences, which in turn makes us struggle to see beyond our past into the future//

Choosing to keep loving on our family and friends when they hurt you or to hate them for eternity//
Choosing to listen when a loved one tells you something that will change the outcome of your struggle, or to ignore it and continue living in defeat because it’s unpleasant to hear//
Choosing to live, when it seems easier to die//
Choosing to love, when it is easier to give in to hate and negativity//
Choosing to look beyond what you see, or to be consumed by your present reality and demons//


To paraphrase Mr Jung here (and some additions):

You are not what happened to you in the past, nor are you defined by your present circumstances and situations, you are what you CHOOSE to become. There are times when the sacrifices will be monumental and it will be hard, but take heart, God’s love will lead you through the night.

D ❤ xx


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