The Gift of Life

“In death, in life, I’m confident and covered by the power of Your great Love” – One Thing Remains, Bethel.

Yesterday I received news that shocked me to the core of my being. The death of a dear pastor and role model that happened as quickly as the next breath we take without knowing.

As the tears streamed down my cheeks, I was awakened to the harsh reality that we do take life for granted sometimes.


We get so caught up in all the DOING, to the point where we forget that we are human BEINGs.


We forget to stop and smell the flowers.

We forget to look up from our phones and mobile technology to appreciate the unique things only life outside technology can offer.

We forget to appreciate just how amazing it is to even be able to do all the things we can do as humans – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

We forget to celebrate the lives of those around us, not necessarily because of what they’ve DONE, but for simply BEING themselves and alive.

We forget to admire the masterpieces around us in the form of nature.

We forget to remind our friends and family just how much we love them and appreciate them being in our lives.

We forget to breathe in and out and remind ourselves that there’s something only we can bring to the world.

We forget to love ourselves.

We forget to love others.


We forget to live life to the very fullest.

We forget to live our long-forgotten dreams.

We forget to be happy.


We forget to take a moment to step back from the hustle and bustle of LIVING to enjoy BEING ALIVE.









We are afraid of what others would say, of failure, of rejection. Hence, we settle for less than the best.

Not only that, we settle for A LOT less than what we are meant to have, because a good portion of the world has partnered and agreed with these lies –

  • ‘I don’t deserve to be happy/I don’t deserve to live my dreams’
  • ‘I’m not good enough’
  • ‘I’m not worth it’.If you’ve partnered with those lies, let me tell you something – You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have much more than what you think you deserve. You are good enough. You are unique. You are worth it.



There’s something only YOU can bring to the world. 

God placed something in you when He made you that the world needs. He placed it in you because He knows you can steward it well. He’s given you what He’s given you because He knows the world will need it. You might think it’s insignificant but NOTHING is insignificant to God.

NOTHING is too small or too big for Him. It is always JUST RIGHT.

The ever-popular hashtag #YOLO is sadly true, despite being misused and abused time and time again by this generation. We do only live once on this earth – because of this, we cannot allow our past mistakes to haunt our present and future. We cannot let fear of failure and fear of the unknown stop us from fully exploring what we were placed on earth to give.


It’s never too late to create.

It’s never too late to do the things you never thought you could do.

It’s never too late to run towards life and embrace it.


So RUN. 🙂




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