Halfway Through (and I’m 22!)

Halfway through this track and I am loving it. 🙂

My body is definitely used to the change in time zone and the NightWatch schedule now.

NightWatch and everything it stands for is a challenge but I’ve come to the realisation (thanks, Mike Bickle) that it is a wonderful privilege too to stand in the night and intercede on behalf of the people (believer and pre-believers) and to give God the honour He definitely is worthy of when no one else wants to.

God also has been revealing so many things to me and I felt like the 2 years of waiting definitely positioned my heart to receive what I was meant to receive here… He’s been giving me an upgrade (like, literally) because I’m so different to how I was before I arrived – in a good way though. I no longer have gastric pains, my tendinitis is gone, my spirit has received so much in the past few weeks. My perspective on life and God has shifted dramatically and I see Him (His nature, His ways, His methods, His heart) in such a different light. Knowing how much He loves me as His precious daughter makes it so much easier to love Him and to trust Him during the tumultuous seasons (within and away from IHOP).

Since arriving here, I’ve learned so much about Americans and what they stand for and believe in.

I learned that American ‘thongs’ and Aussie ‘thongs’ are very different from each other, Aussies say ‘car boot’ and Americans say ‘car trunk’, Aussie potato gems are American tater tots, among many, many, many others.

For the first time in my life, I know what negative degree Celsius feels like. Cold, but surprisingly pleasant… so cold that it’s pleasant…?

I’ve also fallen in love with the London Fog latte they sell at Higher Grounds Cafe (IHOP), which is basically earl grey tea with steamed milk and vanilla syrup. I’m DEFINITELY making this often when I get home.

I love hanging out with my fellow Track 1 interns – listening to their life stories, their God stories, and the revelations God has been giving them in this season. I realised that God is constantly telling me stuff through other people – it could be a passing comment, or an action, or a revelation God has given them that’s being passed on to me. EVERYTHING about these people inspire me and keep me going during the hard times. I have AMAZING housemates who are awesome and fascinating – they have quickly become sisters to me and they challenge and push me every day to become the best I could possible be. They also decided to spoil me with surprise birthday presents so that’s a nice cherry on top. 😉

I also realised that NOTHING IS INSIGNIFICANT,

The spiritual atmosphere here is so soothing and peaceful, and heightened too. In this kind of spiritual atmosphere, it felt like such a thin place (the barrier between heaven and earth here in thin). Because of that, nothing is insignificant. There were so many times when we’re praying for someone and God would give several of us the same picture but in a different phase. With this, the Holy Spirit would work in such a way in directing the session to the point where the picture He wants to unfold to the person we’re praying for would be revealed bit by significant bit. It’s fantastic, seeing it unfold. It would usually be in order too so it is exciting to see where else the Holy Spirit would take our prophetic parties (and everything else).

Anyways. I’m excited to bring what I’ve received back to Perth but I’m very reluctant to leave at the same time. I want to get to know my fellow interns so much more through Track 2 but I guess if God wills it, I will see them again after the track ends. I wouldn’t mind coming back to America though for another trip. I know I will miss everyone so very much (just thinking about it makes me teary).

I’m glad God placed all of us in this track because we’ve all grown so close in the space of 6 weeks as a cohort. It’s not home, but it feels like home, being with these people. 🙂

Love you all,
D x