– Temporal vs. the Eternal –

It’s been a month since I’ve arrived back on home soil. My three months away at IHOP were, to be honest, the best three months I’ve ever had. The connections I’ve made and the memories made are without a doubt, the very things that will live on in my heart for the rest of my existence. After spending an intense season away from Perth, it was hard to get back into routine and into ‘normality’ – it still IS, but God’s grace has enabled me to push beyond that and into something more. 🙂

All my life, I’ve always known what I wanted and what I needed. I am a ‘list’ person – I love knowing exactly where my mind is at, where my heart is, and where I stand in life and with people. I’ve always had short-term and long-term goals, but now, after coming back, everything is thrown off-kilter and I don’t know what I want anymore. Things have changed since I’ve been gone, and I myself have changed too.

Yet, even in this season of uncertainty, the Holy Spirit has been challenging me in the past month to think BEYOND that.

Think ‘kingdom mentality’ and ‘infinity’.

The world, although made for us to steward well and to enjoy, is not a place for us to base our ‘infinity’/’God aspirations’ on. Worldly things are exactly what they’re called – WORLDLY. Most of all, they are undoubtably temporal, fleeting, and definitely subject to the winds of change. We have to lift our eyes to Jesus and think of the ‘big picture’.

What are we doing for others?

How are we affecting the lives of those we know and those we don’t know through our attitudes, thoughts, and actions, whether big or small?

What are we doing with the measure that God has given us, personally and corporately as the Body of Christ?

In this age, it is so easy to be narcissistic and to constantly be consumed (mind, body, and soul) with oneself. We sometimes neglect to think about how our actions and our choices affect those around us, thinking that we are the epicentre of the world, and the world naturally revolves around us. We get so caught up in ourselves. I have been guilty of that countless times.

It’s time to get our minds off ourselves, and onto others. It’s time to take our minds off the things of this world, and to focus on a God and His eternal kingdom and plans.

Love you all,
D ❤ x


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